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We enrich your data with our own data pool to
provide you web-based access to your customized
traffic model - within a few days not months.

Model setup


We build and calibrate traffic
models including the mapping of
public and private transport.

We take into account physical infrastructure
such as roads, traffic lights, sensors, public
transport stops and more. Traffic demand
is generated by our proprietary demand
estimation method or by a powerful synthetic
population generator from our partners.

The calibrated traffic model is ready for use
within a few days. This gives you the flexibility
to apply the model to your own use case, such
as closing lanes or changing speed limits -
the model is fully customizable. Our modular
design gives you the flexibility to choose which
traffic simulation software you want to use,
open source or commercial. Our compelling
visualization suite and automated reporting
allow you to present your results without
further fuss.

Comparison of the average of
empirically measured flows in
6 districts in the city of Zurich
and our simulation
(comparison every 3min).
Comparison of the average of
empirically measured flows in
6 districts in the city of Zurich
and our simulation
(comparison every 3min).



Using traffic models as tools requires
a high level of expertise and
expensive licenses. At Transcality,
we believe that this way of working
should be a thing of the past in the
age of cloud computing and
ubiquitous online access.

That's why we offer our online planning
tool. Through an easy-to-use web-based
interface, the user can access the desired
traffic model, which is stored and managed
on our servers. A cloud-based scenario
manager enables the evaluation of
scenarios for road works, speed reductions
and much more. Reports and result
evaluations can be generated automatically.
No licenses, no local software installations
and no extensive know-how required.


Web-based traffic
monitoring and prediction

We process, fuse and analyze a wide
range of data sources to provide
comprehensive and valuable insight
into current traffic conditions. This
can include open, commercial and
customer data at any desired spatial
and temporal resolution.

Thanks to our advanced data science
methods, you are able to monitor and manage
traffic in real time. Equipped with state-of-
the-art AI and access to our modelling tools,
we deliver high-quality traffic forecasts for the
near future for all parts of your transportation
network. Results can be accessed at any time
through our dashboard.

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